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Organics has been providing solutions for the control and use of emissions from the treatment of waste for over thirty years. Our experience provides has provided us with knowledge of how emissions can be controlled and put to use of society, thus fulfilling one of the main precepts of the circular economy.

Optimising environmental protection takes an integrated approach. For a comprehensive assessment of your requirements, please Contact Us

A Full Range of Services and Products

Organics has wide-ranging experience in controlling emissions from solid waste management and wastewater treatment. We provide a complete service in assessment, fabrication, installation and commissioning of projects related to environmental control of toxic emissions.

Environmental Control

Emissions from landfill sites and industrial processes require to be controlled and treated. Organics provides a wide range of flaring and filtration equipment.

Renewable Energy

Without doubt, the generation of renewable energy will be essential for baseload energy supply. Organics has supplied many plant generating energy from biofuels.

Refuse Derived Fuel

Organics group provides RDF material from a range of organic materials. The RDF is a highly suitable alternative fuel and can be used to replace fossil fuel.

Project Assessment

To be adequately specified, a detailed analysis of the unlying parameters such as location, access and requirements specific to the project must be carried out.

Ammonia Stripping

The patented Organics process for the treatment of ammonia in wastewater uses sources of waste heat to drive the process. This can result in significant cost savings for operators of wastewater systems.


Biogas can be used to replace traditional fossil fuels produced from waste material. Organic material is an ideal substrate for the generation of biogas giving us a highly valuable resource.

O & M

Perhaps the most important aspect of any project is the long-term operation and maintenance, essential to ensure that the plant is optimised and continues to function correctly throughout its operation life.

Anaerobic Digestion

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An Image speaks 1000 words

A selection of our projects which we have designed, built, and delivered with pride.

Ammonia Stripping

Project: WENT-2

Location: Hong Kong

Description: Wastewater treatment of landfill leachate using residual waste, in this case, excess landfill gas from the landfill site. The use of heat, sources of which include engine exhausts or natural gas, can result in significant cost savings.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Project: PT Noei

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Description: Power generation using landfill biogas as the unique source of fuel. Methane in biogas is 25% times more effective as a greenhouse gas. This type of project is the original environmental double-whammy!

Wastewater Treatment

Project: TKO-3

Location: Hong Kong

Description: Wastewater treatment of effectively carried out in the densely inhabited corridors of Hong Kong. Heat treatment of the wastewater effectively removes ammonia. Heat sources include waste gas or engine exhaust.

Treatment of Hydrogen Sulphide

Project: SPM

Location: Malaysia

Description: Anaerobic digestion of organic material is usually accompanied by the formation of H2S. Biological removal of H2S is an effective and cost-effective manner of protecting both the environmental and the investment.



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