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ammonia recovery from wastewater

Organics has been successfully delivering environmental protection projects for over 30 years. Our philosophy is to ensure that, with correct operation and maintenance, they will continue delivering over the operational lifetime of the project. We produce quality products for ammonia recovery from wastewater and biogas from anaerobic digestion, ensuring the creation of assets from waste and promoting the drive towards a fully circular economy.

Exacting site licensing conditions often mean that biogas collection requires the highest standard of environmental control. Landfilled waste can result in significant levels of H2S in biogas. Organics has been delivering biological H2S treatment plant that delivers the required level of environmental protection for over 20 years.

The generation of power and heat from biogas is a common method of ensuring that emissions from what is normally thought of as an environmental problem can be converted into a resource that not only ensures protection of the environment but also provides power for on site use of for export to the national grid.

Hydrogen Sulphide is one of the most toxic of all elements that can accompany the production of biogas, whether it is from landfill or from other industrial processes such as anaerobic digestion of organic material. In sufficient quantities, not only can it be harmful to human health but it can result in the loss of equipment by accelarated corrosion. It’s treatment and control is therefore critical to any industrial process.

Wastewater from palm oil production or the production of tapioca, if not adequately treated, can have a highly deleterious effect on the environment and contribute in giving the industry a bad name. Using biogas collected and processed from this type of project can result in complete energy independence from fossil fuel for our clients.

Biogas production from AD

Client: PT Cam

Location: Indonesia

Biogas production from wastewater

Client: TedCo Makmur

Location: Bandur Lampung

Power generation from biogas

Client: Montalban Methane

Location: Philippines

Ammonia recovery from wastewater

Client: Veolia

Location: SENT landfill Hong Kong



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