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Organics Group has been active in the field of environmental assessment and engineering for more than three decades. Our principal role is as an EPC contractor but we also supply bespoke, speciality process units. Our objective is to ensure that, working with private businesses and government agencies, we assist communities to control pollution and to make energy production cleaner and greener.

By promoting the use of renewable energy and tried and tested environmental solutions, we aim to contribute towards a cleaner, healthier and safer place in which we, as well as those who have yet to take our place, can all live.

An Integrated Engineering Service to the Environmental Industry

Our philosophy is simple: protection of the environment with the supply and installation of high-quality engineering solutions to prevent damaging emissions and pollution.

Organics now provides a comprehensive, industrially based manufacturing service, with offices, fabrication facilities and representation in many different countries.

Organics has the capacity and capability to advise on and install complete facilities for both waste gas and wastewater treatment. Also addressed within the product portfolio are technologies for waste gas utilisation. More recent product developments include systems for the use of solid and liquid wastes as a resource for energy recovery.

Over the years the company has developed various ranges of plant and equipment which can be manufactured at short notice to Client requirements.

Operational facilities are now installed in a large number of locations around the world.

The strengths of company staff lie particularly in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, telemetry, combustion engineering and geotechnical applications. In landfill engineering, for example, a thorough grasp of the geotechnical and hydrogeological environment of a landfill site is an essential prerequisite to proper planning of gas and leachate abstraction schemes.

Organics is currently deeply invested in the development of technologies for the anaerobic digestion of the organics component of municipal solid waste and the treatment of wastewater for ammonia.

Providing Quality Services for over thirty years

Organics Group has been active in the environmental sector of engineering for over thirty years. During that time we have expanded to cover many fields related to solid waste and wastewater management technologies. Our forte is providing high-quality solutions that deliver results today; our focus is our environment and a continuous search for solutions that can ensure our tomorrows.

The right tools for ensuring high level environmental protection

Selecting the correct equipment is vital for ensuring that a long-term solution that performs as required. In all our projects, we ensure that the equipment specified will meet the duty requirements as expected. Working with the client, we ask a series of questions designed to cover all the details in order that the objectives of the project are fully met.

The Value of Experience

Organics has been installing and commissioning projects that control and use biogas for over thirty years. At the heart of our enterprise, biogas is an area of expertise that is augmented by other areas commercial activity related to the control of biogas and waste to energy systems.

Organics works closely with industry and public adminstrations to ensure environmental compliance and the conversion of polluting by-products, such as is biogas, into a valuable resource.



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